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Support Information
gModeler is a free product that I work on in in my free time. As such, no support is offered or implied. However, I will try my best to keep the manual, FAQs and known issues section of this site current and up to date.

That said, I appreciate feedback. If you find a bug, notice a problem with the online manual, have an idea or just want to tell me what you think of gModeler, there are a few ways to contact me:
  • Using the Send Feedback feature in the gModeler menu of the app.
  • Through my website contact form on
  • Sending an email to (remove the X's around the @ symbol).
Known Issues
The following is a list of known issues in gModeler. Also be sure to check out the list of planned enhancements on the main page.
  • Cursor does not reappear properly in Macintosh (PATCHED: Plugin bug, had to disable custom cursors for Mac)
  • Save as... - cancel doesn't work.
  • Online help returns a 404
  • Can click through diagram manager.
  • No foreign languaage support ex. Chinese (not sure I'll fix this, as it would require player v.6.047 or better)
  • Poor support for accented characters.
  • Suffix property box too limited (6 characters).
gModeler Support Links
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Frequently Asked Questions

gModeler overview

Key Commands

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The Toolbar

The Diagrams Manager

The Stage:
Getting around
- Class elements
- Note elements
- Package elements

The Inspector: