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gModeler features
Supports static class diagrams including notes, classes and packages

Exports HTML documentation

Exports FlashMX XML docs

Exports stub code w/ FlashDoc compatible comments

Exports to XML, for sharing or saving locally

Completely free online use

Multiple link types

Automatic documentation generation

All items can have highlight colors applied

Built in FlashOS2, for an attractive, intuitive interface.

And a whole ton more...

gModeler Overview
gModeler is a free online UML diagramming and documentation tool, targetted at developers working with ECMA 262 languages such as FlashMX's Actionscript, and Javascript. In addition to it's diagramming capabilities, it exports HTML documentation, FlashMX XML documentation (for the Action Panel and Reference Panel) and stub code (class code).

gModeler was conceived, designed and programmed by Grant Skinner, a recognized leader in Rich Internet Application development. It was developed using FlashMX, and the Flash OS2 application framework.

Current Project Status and News
April 20, 2004:
I am planning to begin development on gModeler 2.0 in the near future. The new version will likely be a desktop application, and come with a ton of new features, including ground up support for ActionScript 2.0.

In the interim, I have added the ability to export AS2.0 stub code, bringing it to version 0.6. I have also fixed the issues with Mozilla based browsers, though this meant moving the page the application resides on. Click Launch to open the application.

July 20, 2003:
A couple of newsworthy happenings:
  1. I am working on version 1.0 of gModeler, which I hope to release some time in September. I am interested in requests for features, and am very interested in hearing from large (more than 4) groups of developers who are currently using gModeler.
  2. Phil Chung has released a FlashDoc AS comments parser for gModeler. To support it, I have updated gModeler's stub code export - stub code created by older versions of gModeler will not have their parameters properly parsed by Phil's application.

Sunday 25 May, 2003:
I'm back from a wonderful vacation with my girlfriend through Europe.

Lots more travel in the near future, as I will be talking about RIA interface design at FlashForward New York (July 9-11) and Siggraph in San Diego (July 27-31). gModeler will also be featured in the Siggraph2003 WebExpo gallery.

I'm considering different options to facilitate additional development on gModeler (don't worry, there will always be a free version). If you have any ideas on how I can continue work, without taking out a second mortgage :), drop me a line at (remove the X's).

Monday 18 April, 2003:
Just got back from Flash in the Can 2003, where I spoke on Object Oriented concepts for Flash Applications, and won an award for Technical Excellence for gModeler. The conference was awesome, and I recommend any who didn't make it this year to mark it down for next year. Lots of fun, and very informative.

This is a listing of potential future features in gModeler. I don't get paid to build this, so features will be added as my time and patience allows. If you have an idea that's not on this list, you can contact me in any of the ways listed on the support page.
  • Auto-validation of documentation, to ensure it doesn't cause XML errors
  • Addition of a private property, to replace the current $ prefix
  • More robust implementation of inheritance
  • Optional inclusion of note elements and private elements in documentation
  • Support for description and example FlashDoc comments in stub code
  • Adding some kind of indicator for canvas scrolling
  • Move the property inspector into a FlashOS2 window
  • Stand-alone desktop version
  • More intelligence for prefilled documentation sections
  • Addition of more diagram types (Garett IA?)
  • More options and preferences
  • Zoom out capability for viewing large diagrams
  • Code parsing (ie. parse AS code to generate a diagram) -- anyone interested in writing this? - I can lend a hand