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gProject has been in use at gskinner.com for a few months now, and it has had a definite positive impact on overall efficiency. Being able to access (and manipulate) files and directories without leaving the IDE is a big time saver, as are the various compiling options. The ability to easily create new template-based classes, introspect UIs, set-up unit tests and organize the library has not only enhanced our efficiency, but also provided a level of standardization/consistency that was difficult to enforce without the panel.

Bottom line, gProject can make you a more efficient and consistent coder, or just make your life easier while you're designing in multiple FLAs. That saves time, and of course time == money.

For information on specific features of the gProject panel, please visit the screenshots section or look through the online documentation.


"It will save you tonnes of time, quickly fit into your development process/workflow and reduce the amount of tedious tasks that you perform in your day to day work." Guy Watson, FlashGuru.co.uk
"You NEED to check this out. Its high quality, the UI is nice to use, its quick, its organized, and its very well thought out... it does indeed make managing assets, etc. very easy." Eric Dolecki, EricD.net
"When I installed it and started playing around with it I was amazed at how rich the functionality was. If you're looking for rich functionality in the project panel, I'd recommend giving this extension a try." Mike Downey, Sr. Product Manager for Flash, Adobe
"Instantly (Yes, I said instantly), I was a new developer... Since then, I have YET to miss a deadline and in fact, i've actually been early on occasion." John Grden, Blitz
"Seriously, i have nothing to say but that this kicks some serious ass" Stacy Mulcahy, bitchwhocodes
"If you don't yet have it I strongly suggest you stop this tutorial and go and get it. It WILL make your life much easier." Victor Gaudioso, Sr. Application Developer
"...I really don't know what I would do without it. I would feel as if Flash was crippled in some way if I had to give it up now. I can honestly say that for the money this is definitely one of the top items that has increased my productivity across the board." Robert Hall, Feasible Impossibilities