Important Note

gProject has been acquired by Adobe (more details here), and will not be updated further. It is still available for download for use with AS2 development in Flash 8 and CS3, but we will not be releasing an update for AS3 support. Note that it will work with AS3 for the most part, but the class template does not allow for separating the package and class name. Please contact us through the support form if you have any concerns. Download gProject for AS2

You can also download our custom update to the Project Panel shipped with CS4 and CS5 here.

About gProject.

"If you're looking for rich functionality in the project panel, I'd recommend giving this extension a try."
Mike Downey, Sr. Product Manager for Flash, Adobe

The gProject panel is a robust replacement for the (rather anaemic) project panel built into Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8 Professional. It incorporates a myriad of time-saving features in a tight, easy to use package.

gProject was developed by, an internationally renowned Flash development and consulting company, so you can rest assured that it works, and that it's built around real-world usage of the Macromedia Flash IDE. You can visit the weblog to read the original post on this product by clicking here.

The easiest way to become familiar with the panel is by looking at the screenshots section and reading about the features they illustrate. You can also check out the benefits section, and read what other developers are saying about the panel. For more in-depth information, take a look at the online documentation.


2007.07.02 gProject IS compatible with Flash CS3, just ensure that you have the latest Extension Manager, and you can install it. Please submit any issues on the support page.
2007.02.02 We have put together a comprehensive guide to migrating gProject (and other panels) to Flash 9 Alpha, or other versions. Read it here!
2006.09.05 Robert Hall has posted a very nice review of gProject on his blog: "...I really don't know what I would do without it. I would feel as if Flash was crippled in some way if I had to give it up now. I can honestly say that for the money this is definitely one of the top items that has increased my productivity across the board." Click here to read it.
2006.02.01 gProject version 1.3 has been released! New features include the addition of "locations" (browseable directories outside your project scope), Quick Projects, a library clean-up utility, enhancements to the classes folder, reduced minimum panel size, and a number of bug fixes. All registered users will receive their free updates within the next day or two.
2006.01.26 Version 1.3 of gProject will be released February 1.
2005.11.12 TIP: in Flash 8, you can group the gProject panel with the Library panel by selecting "group gProject with..." from the panel menu (right side of the panel title bar). Besides being a logical grouping (project management w/ library management), both panels are also used at similar dimensions. The component panel rounds out the group well.
2005.10.01 gProject panel included on DRK 13 from Macromedia.
2005.09.20 gProject version 1.1 released, adding Flash 8 compatibility.