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Product Page > Spelling Plus Library (SPL) > Core
Spelling Plus Library (SPL)

Core Features

If you have specific questions that are not answered here please use the support link above.


  • fully documented API in ASDoc format
  • comes with a quick start guide and sample files
  • includes specification document describing expected behaviors, word list formats, performance, and more
  • source code for all demos on the demo page


  • Works seemlessly for Flash CS4 & CS5, Flex 3 and 4 (AS3 and MXML), and AIR
  • Legacy support for Flash CS3 (AS3 projects only), Flex 2/3 (AS3 and MXML), and AIR
  • tested to work with Flash CS4/CS5 and Flex 3/4 components, including text input, text area, rich text editor, components using RichEditableText instances (spark), and more.
  • can be easily applied to Flash and Flex cell renderers in lists and datagrids
  • works with custom components using a smart targeting algorithm that searches out the appropriate text field
  • support for both proprietary .gspl wordlist format and plain text word lists, in compressed or uncompressed format
  • full extendable support for accented characters
  • multi-language compatibility (tested, but not officially supported, contact us for more details)
  • works with almost any font and text size (we haven't found one yet that doesn't work)
  • works with html text, including different fonts / sizes on the same line


  • intelligently checks only visible text
  • checks and highlights over 25,000 words per second (5% misspelling rate, 2ghz CPU)
  • checks over 35,000 words per second (no highlighting)
  • proprietary suggestions algorithm runs 8x faster than optimized Levenshtein algorithm
  • suggestions in "fast mode" are returned 10x faster than regular mode, but only returns words beginning with the same character
  • transparent background loading of word list files
  • polite word list parsing prevents animation stutters or application stalls


  • full (TextField) spelling package is less than 29kb compiled including word list loading, custom LSO word list management, text highlighting, and dictionary logic. Flex package is less then 41kb.
  • dictionary logic (spell checking and suggestions) is less than 5kb
  • proprietary GSPL word list format packs 150,000 words into less than 250kb (<2 bytes per word!)


  • extremely robust, intuitive, documented public API
  • Externalized support for TextField, and/or TLF-based applications using a plug-in model to only include the code necessary
  • support for custom underline patterns
  • all strings are exposed as public properties for easy localization / customization
  • customizable case handling: ignore all caps, leading caps and mixed caps
  • simple model for managing user word lists, source code included for an implementation using Local Shared Objects
  • full support for custom / third-party word lists (ex. medical terms)
  • ability to omit specific words (ex. curse words) from suggestions


  • drag and drop components for Flash CS3 (AS3 projects only)
  • MXML tags for Flex 3/4
  • word list AIR application to build, merge and export word lists
  • AIRMenuHelper class to reinject editing options in AIR context menus (Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All)
  • comes with complete TextHighlighter system (see it here) and the RegExpHighlight system (as seen at regexr.com)