#tweetcoding: code something cool in <=140 characters of AS3

Learn more at the tweetcoding rules page.

We had a surprise tie for first place, and our sponsors (Adobe and Friends of Ed) were nice enough to accomodate it with prizes. Both winners receive a copy of Flash CS4, and AdvancED ActionScript 3.0 Animation. Thanks guys!

diagonal snake by @tomee6
Tunnel of Stripes by @piXelero

Runner ups!
Each runner up receives a copy of AdvancED ActionScript 3.0 Animation from Friends of Ed.

the drummer by @vectorcinco
Ghost Marquee by @dickwolf

Notable mention!
No prizes here, but lots of glory. More entries that made the judges' lists, in no particular order.

Rotating black and white alien lifeform by @pantaa
point3D by @flashpadawan
The Flash Song by R2 by @vectorcinco
Sea Sphere by @dickwolf
lines by @justenholter
Twister by @kalisnik
3D Sketch by @dickwolf
more fun with cardioids by @oskitar
Jellycube by @rmdesign
machines are looking for a hole in the Matrix for me by @og2t
The Golden Days by @Quasimondo
silly string mouse edition by @vitch
The time-sketch by @shauryashaurya
The Sound of Wonkavision by @zachberry
Solfeggio by @neolao
Love in 3D by @Quasimondo
drawing with mic (inspired by Ze Frank) by @inoutin
Juggle - use mouse pointer to volley the ball. by @chandimac
Boids by @Quasimondo
[no title] by @oskitar

link - track #tweetcoding, and view all of the compiled entries online
link - the tweetcoding rules
link - a short recap of the competition and judging

Another huge thank you to Adobe for providing the awesome grand prizes (two copies of Flash CS4), and Friends of ED for providing 4 copies of Keith Peter's "AdvancED ActionScript 3.0 Animation" as prizes!

Also a big thank you to @machine501 for putting together his online compiler. It made judging, and the contest in general, so much easier.